Do not come crying here if you have been reckless or driving drunk.
Pay the fine or do the time.

This site is about how not to be a speedfine cash cow.

This site applies to speed legislation in South Africa.

We strongly condemn speeding while drunk, unroadworthy, unlicensed, ill trained, ill equipped and driving too fast for circumstances.

We strongly condemn speedfines as a means to income instead of improving safety.

Driving fast is not automatically unsafe.

Driving slowly is not automatically safe.

Speed measurement is a precise science. It must be done according to certain standards to ensure a reliable result.  If the method of speed measurement does not conform to the standards laid down to ensure accurate measurement, the results cannot be reliable.

We are constructing as fast as we can.

"Aegrescit medendo" - Virgil

The remedy is worse than the illness.